The List of Articles Posted

Part I - Basic Knowledge:

  1. The Earth. Size, Shape, Main Dimensions
  2. Geographical Coordinates. Reduction
  3. Difference of Coordinates
  4. Arrival Point Coordinates
  5. Departure East - West
  6. Length of 1' of arc of Meridian & Equator
  7. Measurement units. Practical conversion rules
  8. Distance of the Sea Horizon
  9. Extreme Range
  10. Corrected Visibility Distance
  11. Dip of the Sea Horizon
  12. Dividing of Horizon in Degrees. Conversion
  13. Dividing of Horizon in Compass Points. Conversion
  14. True Course, True Bearing, Relative Bearing
  15. Magnetic Variation or Declination
  16. Compass Deviation. Conversion of Courses
  17. Compass Deviation. Conversion of Bearings
  18. Gyro-Compass Speed Error
  19. Determining Compass Deviation in 8 Courses
  20. Leading line. Leading line sensibility
  21. Determining the compass deviation with leading lines
  22. Determining the compass deviation using a faraway object
  23. Determining the compass deviation using reciprocal bearings
  24. Determining the compass deviation by comparing of courses-1
  25. Determining the compass deviation by comparing of courses-2
  26. Determining the compass deviation in 36 courses
  27. The Log. General knowledge on travelled distance
  28. The Log History
  29. The Log Correction. Determining the travelled distance
  30. The Log Coefficient. Determining the travelled distance
  31. The Log in a region with marine currents
  32. Experimental Range
  33. Measured Distance
  34. Determining the ship's speed using the log
  35. The relationship between distance, speed and time
  36. Estimated Time of Arrival. ETA
  37. Echo Sounder. The Correction of Depth
  38. Nautical Charts. Types of Scales
  39. Rhumb Line
  40. Meridional Parts
  41. Difference of meridional parts or Meridional difference
  42. Variation of the chart scale in the Mercator projection
  43. Rhumb line in the Mercator projection
  44. The unit of the chart

To be continued.....

Part II - Estimated Navigation:

Part III - Coastal Navigation: