Dear Visitors

My name is Sorin Stamate and I have a practice of 35 years in shipping.

A brief history of my life in terms of education, career, work experience and so on is listed below.

On August 1979 I graduated from Maritime Institute, Constanta, Romania.

A chronicle of my career is as follows:

·         October 1979 – Unlimited 3rd Mate License;

·         February 1981 – Unlimited 2nd Mate License;

·         September 1985 – Unlimited Chief Mate License;

·         From December 2005 – Unlimited Captain License.

Along this time, I served on board of various types of ships:

·         90 months on Bulk Carriers;

·         72 months on General Cargo vessels;

·         21 months on Ro-Ro / Ferries;

·         21 months on Container vessels;

·         18 months on Multipurpose vessels, including heavy lift;

·         16 months on Pure Car Carriers;

And with these I sailed anywhere on the world’s oceans, except the Arctic and the Antarctic waters.

Other than the Romanian companies, I was employee to British, Greek, Hong Kong, Italian, German, Malta, Norwegian and Turkish companies (in alphabetic order).

Unfortunately, I am currently retired from merchant fleet starting with 2016. Fortunately, now I have enough time to deal with this website, which is an older project of mine.

Therefore, since 2016 I am webmaster.