Estimated Time of Arrival. ETA

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ETA. Estimated Time of Arrival
ETA. Estimated Time of Arrival

Estimated Time of Arrival. ETA

ETA: Conventional abbreviation for ‘Estimated time of arrival’ or ‘Expected time of arrival’. The estimated time of arrival or ETA is a measure of when a vessel is expected to arrive at a certain place. 

It is used in communications and documents which approves its arrival in the port of destination.

It communicates to agents, shippers or receivers of the goods in accordance with the provisions of C / P and usages.

If the ETA shows the date and time of arrival, the notice is considered firm and any delay communicate across time and date may give rise to claims.

Any changes occurred in the ETA must be communicated immediately to those whom have sent the notice.

Usually, ETA will be communicated 24 hours before arrival.

Most often, the C / P contracts assign to send notices for 12 days, 7 days, 3 days, 2 days and 1 day (reliable notice).

Greenwich Mean Time (GMT): Is the mean solar time at the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, London. GMT was formerly used as the international civil time standard, now superseded in that function by Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). Local mean time at the Greenwich meridian.

Coordinated Universal Time (UTC): Is the primary time standard by which the world regulates clocks and time. The time scale that is available from most broadcast time signals.

Time Zone: One of the 24 portions of the terrestrial globe between two meridians of longitude with a difference of 15 degrees. An area in all parts of which the same time is kept.

Zone Time: The local mean time of a reference or zone meridian whose time is kept throughout a designated zone.

Standard Time: Time established by law in a country or territory, and that time may be different from the Time Zone. It may be valid for a period, i.e. summer time, or the other local agreement.

The MS Excel file contains various examples that can be deleted and edited with your data.

ETA. Estimated Time of Arrival _ v1.0
ETA. Estimated Time of Arrival _ v1.0

To download this Excel file, please click the button below.

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