Echo Sounder. The Correction of Depth

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Echo Sounder. The correction of depth
Echo Sounder. The correction of depth

Echo Sounder. The correction of depth.

Echo Sounder: It is an electric device used to determine the water depths by measuring the time interval for sound waves to go to the sea bottom and back again. It is also called Depth Finder or Acoustic Depth Finder.

The following properties of sound waves are used:

–          to be directed in a narrow beam;

–          to propagate through the water in a straight line with a constant speed;

–          to be reflected from the seabed or any other obstacle;

–          being then received by the device which issued them.

The depth finders used for hydrographic purposes measure the depths with an accuracy of +/- 10 cm. And those used in navigation with an accuracy of +/- 50 cm.

Some types of depth sounders have a recording device which enrol the measured depths on a diagram, yielding a curve representing the seabed in appropriate scale.

Acoustic Sounding: Method for measuring the depth of water using sound waves based on their property to propagate through the water in a straight line at a constant speed (approximately 1500 m / sec) and to be reflected from the sea bottom or any other obstacle encountered. Also, called Acoustic Sounding.

This consists in measuring the time interval between the time of issuance of sound waves and the time of their reception.

Correction of Soundings: The adjustment of soundings for any departure from true depth because of the method of sounding or any fault in the measuring apparatus.

The MS Excel file contains various examples that can be deleted and edited with your data.

Echo Sounder. The correction of depth _ v1.0

To download this Excel file, please click the button below.

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